Thursday, August 13, 2020

Yungeen Ace – 4 Shots Lyrics

Yungeen Ace – 4 Shots Lyrics

 Yungeen Ace – 4 Shots Lyrics

Yungeen Ace – 4 Shots Lyrics

4 Shots By Yungeen Ace

Drum Dummie

Aye, aye, alright

Aye, watch that lil’ boy over there

Aye, there go ghost

Damn, hold up

Oh yeah, yeah, what up?

I’m black up in this truck we got 4 shots

A lot of smoke up in the air bitch we create the opps

I caught him slippin with that hoe

I don’t know what he thought

I lie his body on the scene I made him draw that chalk

In the back seat you gon have to shoot shit to get the gump out the house

Pistol on my head questioning me but I don’t know what it’s about

Bitch don’t ask me about them niggas I don’t fuck with them boys

That nigga snitching can’t you hear him crazy k call a lawyer

I’m steady rollin off the shit I take advantage though

Fuck this society droppin bodies I’m a menace hoe

We milly rocking in this bitch well we got plenty po

They just now found that nigga body he died a month ago

They done look me in my eyes it’s a devil inside

Bitch I’m corona only reason why they don’t come outside

I’m screaming fuck that hoe bitch you the reason this happen

Your mama cryin bout something I’m the reason she happy

I’m tryna eliminate these hoes so I can roll in peace

I’m tryna hide from the camera they steady noticed me

I put that pistol on his face he dropped down to his knees

Just seen the look up in his eye when he realized it was me

They killed my brother I’m at my funeral I’m screaming fuck the peace

I’m out my body bitch I’m cranky I ain’t got the proper sleep

This freaky bitch she calling my phone she think a nigga sweet

Like I ain’t seen her with the opps just the other week

Oh bitch you tweaking with them niggas you gon die with them boys

He actin gangsta in front of you that’s bout them other lil boys

He ain’t get the chance to see 18 that nigga died a lil boy

Them choppa rangin on the block Atk bring that noise

They ain’t got shit they said the car was a Ford Explorer

No they can’t solve the murder case I guess it was what it was



All that shit them niggas talkin like them nigga been slide

Them niggas ain’t drop no bodies nigga stop playin

Like we ain’t get that game fuck nigga

All that shit all that shit talking like you like that fuck nigga

I been slanging that since I was



You gon make me mad again

Fuck that

I’m about to go back in

Choppa that be spittin till it broke his skin

Runnin up on my killer then he drive-by I guess he lost wind

Sacrifice my soul man they screaming that I killed my friend

Fucks would I do that when we had just hit for them Benjamins

Roll down on myself seem like that I can’t ever win

Fuck that dead nigga

Put his soul up to an end

Fuck em

all we work for is to satisfy you.