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Young Nudy – Black Hippie, White Hispter Lyrics

Young Nudy – Black Hippie, White Hispter Lyrics

Young Nudy – Black Hippie, White Hispter Lyrics


Young Nudy – Black Hippie, White Hispter Lyrics

Black Hippie, White Hispter by Young Nudy

[young Nudy]

I need that Black

I need that Black

Pass me that, dawg

Pass that bitch, that mothafuckin’ K

I was [? ] Big ass blunt

Yeah [? ] Bring the mothafuckin’ [? ]

[young Nudy]

Yeah, smokin’, drankin’, poppin’ pills (yeah)

I be smokin’ weed, I don’t like [? ] (yeah)

I be sippin’ lean, I don’t drink the liquor (yeah)

Big ass blunt, yeah it is a Swisher (yeah)

Big ass Glock on a real nigga

Never been a bitch, slap a pussy nigga

Fuck on your bitch and I know you’re pussy, nigga

She sucked my dick and you like to kiss her, nigga

Yeah, poppin’ that Perky, no animal (animal)

Flippin’ your bitch, I got stamina (stamna)

Eatin’ that pussy like Hannibal (hannibal)

Y’all niggas ain’t no animals (you ain’t no animal)

Yeah, bitch, I’m an animal

In the streets hangin’round with the animals (i’m with the animals)

Bitch, you’re on the plate, eat, nigga (yeah)

On the block with the street niggas (with the street niggas)

Candy boy, know you’re sweet, nigga (like what? )

Yeah, my niggas, yeah we eat niggas (we eat)

All these sweet niggas (yeah), you’s a treat, nigga (uh-huh)

Hang with goblin, yeah, trick-or-treat, nigga (trick-or-treat)

Stick him up, yeah, don’t move, nigga (don’t move)

Givin’ these niggas the blues, nigga (the blues)

Yeah, your ho wanna fuck on me

You hate it, you didn’t have no clue, nigga (no clue)

You playin’, I’ll give you the blues, nigga (i’ll give you the blues)

Nothin’ but blues, the clues, nigga (yeah)

Your mama find you on the news, nigga

Slime still got the tool, nigga (i still got the tool)

Nigga, I bury niggas like I bury straps (yeah)

He talk about me in a fuckin’ rap (rap)

You might wrap it up, your life a wrap (your life a wrap)

Yeah, yeah, your life a wrap (know that)

You can catch me in the fuckin’ trap (i’m in the trap)

You can catch me in the fuckin’ trap (in the trap)

Unlike other niggas, I don’t rap (i don’t rap)

Unlike other niggas, I don’t rap (i don’t rap)

Nigga, I rap and I fuckin’ trap (fuckin’ trap)

Niggas saran and I fuckin’ wrap (fuckin’ wrap)

Niggas be playin’ and I fuckin’ clap (bow)

Niggas be playin’ and I chop your hand (yeah)

Niggas be playin’ and I mop your man (mop your man)

Niggas been trappin’ since China man (china man)

Nigga be playin’ with the pots and pans (pots and pans)

In the kitchen whippin’ pots and pans (pots and pans)

Playin’ with

Fuckin’ a brick like a dope mane (like a dope mane, nigga)

Nigga got bricks, bricks on bricks (bricks, bricks)

Nigga be choppin’ up bricks, big bricks (big bricks)

Nigga want a brick, call, cop this shit (call, cop this shit)

Nigga, you can get your dumbass remixed (yeah)

Fuck with a country boy, trick his ass quick (yeah)

Hundred damn P’s, yeah, I got that shit (yeah)

[? ] When I send that shit

Yeah, I just be shippin’ them packages (packages)

I just be trickin’ out, I’m’bout package it (yeah)

Runnin’ off with niggas’ packages (yeah)

In the house countin’ up all these packages (packages)

Nothin’ but these rackages (rackages)

I got the rackages (rackades)

I gotta go have that shit (have that shit)

In the street, I’m with real savages, bitch (savage)

Yeah, they know I’m with savages (they know I’m with savages)

Yeah, I really be takin’ shit (i’m takin’ shit)

On the block, really shakin’ shit (i’m shakin’ shit)

Get that money, gotta make it, bitch (gotta make it, bitch)

Fuck a nigga’cause they hatin’, bitch (hatin’, bitch)

I’m sellin’ white cocaine

Yeah, real [? ], bitch

I did it, bitch, fuckin’ ho [? ]

Suck this Glock, hahahaha

Suck this Glock

Suck my Glock

all we work for is to satisfy you.