Friday, August 14, 2020

Nasaan – Without Me Freestyle Lyrics

Nasaan – Without Me Freestyle Lyrics

 Nasaan – Without Me Freestyle Lyrics

Nasaan – Without Me Freestyle Lyrics

Without Me Freestyle By Nasaan

Nasaan, I’m like: “Pause”

Nigga, why is Marshall out fuckin’ youth in my closet?

He ain’t say shit about a motherfuckin’ closet, you just say go get [? ]

Hey, Nasaan, we’re ready (fuck)

I created an asshole, dickhead of Detroit

But my dick international, enough with the bad jokes

My nigga it’s Nasaan bitch quit calling me “Nassan”

Balls two of a kind might unbuckle and flash both

Skinny ole me with double blondies

Double the D’s, eat the meat

Party of 3, party at 3, part of me dying to parting this scene (this shits boring)

Clip Michael Jordans,.223’s

Trick up my sleeve, grabbing her cheeks ease with these features (you like paint? )

Your face great for Mon’ Lisa’s

No saint I roll dank with your preacher

And rob banks with Rob Banks and John Cena

Lucifers henchman, Satanic mission

Paul told me join, we do 666 shit (me? )

Fuck on ya big sis? That’s so ridiculous

Just coincidence her lipstick on my dick tip

Wait, wait I’m honest, wouldn’t lie to you Judah

‘Kay maybe she mooned me like a couple of boobs

And she maybe blew me like a orchestra tuba

Hold on this my dad, nigga calling from Cuba (hello? )

Fuck my mood up, flush em, suit up

Chew up a rap nigga, chump a crew in my chucks

My shape isn’t in tip top? Then who saving hip hop? (ybn Cordae? )

Bitch you sound stupid as fuck

Why you rooting that up?

Cause Em and Dre boosting it up?

Happy for him to say the least, but niggas doing too much

Screwing shit up, like I won’t put that crew on a crutch

Fuck these new school niggas, I enroll I’m shooting shit up

I get discredit cause my lineage

Fuck all that golden child, and pity shit

More proud than Penny is

West side where niggas bang more tribe than Indians

Red dots on niggas like Japanese flag symbolist

Now I wake up to Dominicans

Asking “What were going to do today? ” Like I’m Ferb and they Phineas

Swerving out the dealership, working my percentages

Came from 44’s, 4 ounces, Carti’s and Timberlands

Been on some different shit, different sticks and different envisioning

These different Benjamins, britches thick as a business syllabus

Gotta different sentiment

Swallow me, harder than that cinnamon

Army full and bitches and I’m the Marshall

Start calling me Eminem

Him and him, cut’em up stitch up, I’m talking hemming em

Blending in, can’t see me men to men like I’m a Endermen

Took my nigga Xtentacion, but left fucking Zimmerman

If I catch him he get “Drum roll please”

Brr, brr

Vigilance help kept me innocent when I was in to shit

Was spending bins, before the Benjamins

From label middle men

Before the Lsd, and Dmt, Mollies and Ritalin (hey)

Before you mention me in anything thing

Make sure your (hey)

-Are you dumb bitchin’?

-Nigga, what you want?

-We gotta get this white boy out of my closet, he won’t shut the fuck up

all we work for is to satisfy you.