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Eminem – Premonition (intro) Lyrics

Eminem – Premonition (intro) Lyrics

 Eminem – Premonition (intro) Lyrics

Eminem – Premonition (intro) Lyrics

Premonition (intro) By Eminem


So I guess this is what it is, huh?

Think it’s obvious

We ain’t never gonna see eye to eye

It’s funny

As much as I hate you

I need you

This is music to be murdered by

Got a premonition

I feel the end is near

The beauty starts to fade

The joy has turned to pain

I hear the symphony playin’

Ten thousand violins

Souls floating away like feathers in the wind

They said my last album I sounded bitter

No, I sound like a spitter

Who ninety percent of

These hypocrites are tryna get rid of

But why would I get a chip on my shoulder?

I was considered, one time, as the illest

Bitch, I’m still as fly as your zipper

True, I just get richer

But if it was ever all about skrilla

Then I woulda quit a long motherfucking time ago

Bitch, shut the fuck up

I should go say that shit to Tech N9ne or the Jigga

Nobody said shit about 2 Chainz as long as he’s been here, shit

No wonder you’re mad, now I’m

Looking at them plaques, count’em (yeah)

I’m L. L. Cool J, bigger and deafer, that’s how come (uh)

I sell like four mill when I put out a bad album (what? )

Revival flopped, came back and I scared the crap out’em

But Rolling Stone stars, I get two and a half outta

Five, and I’ll laugh out loud

‘Cause that’s what they gave bad back in the day

Which actually made me not feel as bad now,’cause

If it happened to James

It can happen to Shady

They do the same shit to Brady

More people hate me than love me

This game will make you go crazy

‘Bout to go for B-R-O-K-E

I was the G, the O-A-T

Once I was played in rotation

At every radio station

They said I’m lyrically amazing

But I have nothing to say

But then when I put out Revival and I had something to say

They said that they hated, they awake me

I lose the rage, I’m too tame

I get it back, they say I’m too angry

I need to get me some Dre beats

No, I should hook up with Tay Keith

Fans keep on pulling me one way

Haters pull me in another

Got more hooks in me than Swae Lee

‘Bout to pick up some weights and lift’til my tattoo of Hailie’s face stretches

They said I’m just a whiner, I sound like a baby

I dish it out but can’t take it

But I take it, dish it back out

And they get all bent out of shape

This shit’s almost comical

Wait, and I meant no disrespect

I wasn’t dissin’ Tech, that was not a shot at 2 Chainz or to Jay-Z

They probably feel the same way because lately

Instead of us being credited for longevity

And being able to keep it up for this long at this level, we

Get told we’ll never be what we were

Bitch, if I was as half as good as I was

I’m still twice as good as you’ll ever be

Only way that you’re ahead of me’s alphabetically

‘Cause if you diss me I’m coming after you like the letter V

Killing everything, play this tune, it’s your eulogy

It’s your funeral, prepare to die

This is music for you to be murdered by

all we work for is to satisfy you.