Thursday, August 13, 2020

Eminem on Juice Wrld “Godzilla lyrics

Eminem  on Juice Wrld “Godzilla lyrics

 Eminem  on Juice Wrld “Godzilla lyrics

 Eminem  on Juice Wrld “Godzilla”

Godzilla man, I gotta tell you that’s one of my favorites right now.

I’m saying my favorites always changed when I listen to albums.

Right now I’m fucking with Godzilla heavy every day all day, you know saying? That shit is crazy!

I mean the cadences and all that like absolute murder, the beat, who did beat?

Eminem: Ah The Da

That shit is crazy man oh (yeah)

Rip to Juice wrld

You know I mean, that kid was amazing (yeah)

You know on that joint favorites change

You know shout out too juice man like yo he that kid was so talented man he like his freestyle he did on Westwood when he rap four-hour look what the fuck and I mean he was like like I he might have been written mixing a little bit of written in there with but the way he was freestlye like that’s the that’s the shit that we used to try to do at the hip hop shop was like try to work on our freestyles right but be able to slip in and out of written when you need to you know what I’m saying if you’ve got a certain punch line you want to get to it to take take out this dude right so it to be so young, he like mastered that so fucking quickly (yeah) it’s really sad man that like his potential was so off the charts

Very, I tweeted one time you know I like this Juice Wrld kid and you know I got some real hardcore boom bap type hip-hop lyricist fans that follow me to an airline

Juice world he uses auto-tune I’m like yo I dropped a link to that Westwood freestyle like y’all don’t even talk to me just watch this right you know I’m saying?

He definitely had it man um it’s crazy that some of these kids out here I think that inspired by you know you you know um J, you know I’m saying? And they want to really get that pan moving

Oh yeah I was gonna ask you do you have a favorite? You have any favors on a new joint?

On my album?

Yeah your joint

Oh, every single one

It’s like yeah

Nah, every single…

all we work for is to satisfy you.