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Dax – Self Proclaimed 2 Lyrics

Dax – Self Proclaimed 2 Lyrics

Dax – Self Proclaimed 2 Lyrics


Dax – Self Proclaimed 2 Lyrics

Self Proclaimed 2 Lyrics By Dax


I’ll keep on saying I’m the greatest until we both believe it

Nothing’s impossible

It’s Dax

Huh, you ready


I gave up hooping for these rapping ways (rapping ways)

I told my momma we see better days (we see better days)

I’m going hard like when I masturbate (c’mon)

I guess I never passed that age (fuck! )

I remember days I didn’t pray and now I’m on my knees that shit was just a phase

I garnered fame but I ain’t never changed

They say I’m humble but they didn’t know I’m staring death right in the face

Forcing me to calculate

Think’bout every move I make

They could never take me, I’m a guardian to heaven’s gate

Now I’m here to captivate

Moving at a rapid pace

Nothing into something now it’s Dax the one they can’t erase

Separating fame from actuality, I navigate

While moving through a sea of pessimistic people that are fake

Imitate, innovate, educate, infiltrate, separate, segregate

All just to accelerate, a path that I was destined on to walk and I refuse to wait, for someone else to crown me so I name myself the heavyweight, champion

If I get knocked off I will be back again

Those who didn’t believe I closed my eyes and turned my back on them

Speaking mediocrity

Don’t understand like Mandarin

So if it ain’t success man I ain’t picking up or answering

I’m the one who put myself here

I’m the one who told the devil, fuck off, it’s only God I fear

I’m the one who put the stars into alignment

Had a dream and then collided it would work and then

I named the perfect time

And I’m the one that fell down

Bounce back


God lack

Reclass, but never fell off track

Fighting demons in the evening overnight while I was cleaning

7.25 an hour was the wage, no cap

I am the definition

I don’t lack skill, I lack recognition

I don’t have dreams, I have premonitions

Every single word I spit is ammunition

Gassing on the competition

Never break a sweat this shit is practice like an exhibition

Fuck permission I ain’t never asking I don’t need forgiveness that is weakness, only time I bow is when I’m meeting Jesus

That is genius

Let a fuck nigga hate

Went from nothing into something

Watch a nigga go great

So what you gonna say

What you gonna do

How are you gonna let a janitory nigga outperform you

I came from the bottom and I swear I’m here to warn you

That everything I do is destiny cuz I was born to

Seek and disarm you

Eat in regards to every other rapper verse me is just partial

On a fucking mission that’s comparable to Marshall

Pac, Big, Cole, Jay, Nas

Fuck you, even if you wanna hate on me, I will still love you

Niggas throwing dirt all on my name, I can’t trust you

Climbing to the top, yeah, something that I must do

That I must do

It’s Dax


Chase your dreams

What people say about you, says more about them

Never forget that

all we work for is to satisfy you.